le bizen paris speed dating A promise of hope and dreams/I am black and beautiful/from things pure and wonderful,
I am a child of Africa. Poems by Fejiro Ibuje.

see url trading binary options strategies and tactics download free\' Chained I am like an eagle soaring in a valley I am a canary trapped behind rusty bars; With its voice is caught within its beak. I am the song of the blackbird The voice that sings of sorrow; I am a prisoner of my mind, In a cesspool of agonies. I am a victim of my skin Trapped in a race that lives from fetters of iron; To cuffs by dusk. I am he whose blood was shed for freedom, Yet; freedom knows me not. I am haunted by the absence of my captors, The dark memories of heavy whips resonate my dreams, Thus I live my years under dark clouds I am held captive by the freedom I sought. In naked soles of ignorance, I do traverse the earth, The future is an illusion, A replica of yester-years. I am entangled in the web of the internet, My mind aches to speak out, But its voice is muffled within it Thus, it speaks to my fingers. I am alone thus, Singing the workman’s chorus “Go down Moses Go down Moses” Yet, bondage grips me like a claw. -- anlık forex grafikleri Black I am a child of the earth, Crafted from the dirt, and polished by nature. I am an Elephant in the savannah, Basking in the sun of Accra, I am a jewel, a gem of the Nile. I am black and beautiful, not from ornaments or tattoos, I am black and beautiful, from the fibers of ancestry, and the love of family. I am from kings and warriors, From the scars of wars, And the triumph of victories, From a land of trees, Of mountains and many rivers, Still springs and rushing streams. A promise of hope and dreams, I am black and beautiful, from things pure and wonderful, I am a child of Africa. [Fejiro Ibuje is a poet based in Nigeria]

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