A Thorn Old Sweater

where can i buy propecia in singapore A soft rotten blanket occupies the empty spaces/opportunities lost in time/a burning path behind/There is no going back. Poetry by Cristina Bresser de Campos. Inside the suitcase  an old sweater wraps the portrait Faded sleeping images of a forgotten time. The thorn sweater snuggles the memories Of people who cannot remember Who they were any longer. The shredded wool yarns  try to escape the case In an attempt to run from the past. As it were ever possible. Images of a cold summer, Where the wind was as sharp as their voices Screaming, They were already so far away from each other. A soft rotten blanket occupies the empty spaces opportunities lost in time, a burning path behind, There is no going back  Breath, walk, breath, walk on this dusty, dirt road.  Cristina Bresser de Campos lives in Brazil. She writes in Portuguese and English. Author of the tale Capitolina, published in a collection of 21 short stories in the book Torre de Papel, launched in June 2015, in Curitiba, Parana.In Nov. 2016, she published her first novel, named Quase tudo é risível (Almost everything is laughable]

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