Foreign Aid 2017

‘hey’ one guy would yell ‘you know what PC stands for?/it means Pussy-whipped Cunt-licker’/that bunch was full of laughs” says Hitler. “but that’s beside the point." Poetry by Dick Lourie in the aftermath that is Trump.     

Emerging suddenly from Hell Adolf

Hitler holds a press conference       “I know”

he says “your first question is whether I 

escaped”      his English is not bad (although

he seems to have picked up his accent from

some 1940s war movie)       “no     this

is not an escape” he says       smiling       “by

order of the Big Guy himself I am


officially on furlough       call it a 

victory lap       or maybe a gift of

foreign aid from us to you       of course the

first battle is won: but the war goes on --     


as those Mexican cripples and rapists 

like to say: la lucha continua --

Himself has asked me to congratulate 

all of you and to extend our help as 

needed -- that’s why I’m here now     I’ll tell you 

as we stood on the parapets of Hell’s

watchtowers” (his gift for rhetorical

gesture seems intact) “we were shocked to see 


the extent of decay in your body 

politic infested with the stinking 

shit of political correctness       how

it seemed almost too late until this first


surge of wholesome patriotism that

has brought some success     but we

feared you might grow complacent -- hence the Great

Man has dispatched me to -- let’s say -- keep up

morale       since all Hell is aware of my record    

yes       in the end we lost         but still

we sustain the Great Cause: loyalty to

political incorrectness       my friends


nations have rotted and empires have been 

destroyed: show some ‘civility’ show some 

‘respect’     ‘have you left no decency?’     till

nothing remains but a nest of shrill and


snivelling pansies squealing at me 

‘oh you are such a racist!’       don’t be fooled:

political correctness is vile weak-

kneed surrender to anyone who whines

about being insulted       it’s the fear

of speaking out     fear even to name the

real enemy: radical Jew -- excuse

me -- radical Islamic terrorism   

friends       the media is obsessed with what 

they call ‘facts’       but believe me there are no

 ‘facts’       there’s only their Fake News and our -- as 

we say in German --‘Unwahrheit’       meaning 


‘Truth’      which is ours alone      to paraphrase 

that damn faggot Keats ‘all ye know . . . and all 

ye need to know: truth is hate     rage     contempt

and power       hate       rage       contempt and power

 is truth’ ” pause “and of course” says Hitler “shoot

first!      “the wisdom of Truth” he goes on “lies

in the ancient proverbs political 

correctness does not even allow us 


to repeat: “the only good indian . . . ’

you know the rest”      he smiles       “on a lighter

note I’m reminded of the Gestapo

locker room       those boys knew how to banter 


‘hey’ one guy would yell ‘you know what PC 

stands for? it means Pussy-whipped Cunt-licker’

that bunch was full of laughs” says Hitler “but 

that’s beside the point       anyway” he looks

out at the crowd of reporters “so      as

encouragement and -- to be blunt -- also 

as reinforcement       His Majesty sends

me here       call it a continuation 


or perhaps better a ‘transition’       you’ve 

started strong      we will back you up     our 

strength is in slogans: ‘You’re Politically In-

correct And Proud Of It? So Is Hitler --


Join Us! Heil Unwahrheit!’ ”       he looks out at

the crowd of reporters       “this will be my

last press conference but” he says “I will

certainly be       how is it       ‘twittering’

quite often       and in closing       remember

the old adage ‘once you make the darky

step and fetchit again as he used to

he will love it so much that he’ll never


want to stop’ ”    Hitler smiles confidently     

clicks his heels     lifts an imaginary

glass in an actual toast -- or perhaps

some sort of salute: “with my help and with


yours my friends America can become 

great again! and now” says Hitler 

“I’ll take no questions”


Dick Lourie is an American poet who lives in the Boston, Massachusetts area. His poems have been appearing widely since the 1960s in literary journals and in several collections of his own work.  He is a founding editor/publisher of, and still active with, Hanging Loose, a literary press and poetry journal that celebrated its fiftieth year of continuous publication in 2016. He  is also a professional blues musician who performs regularly on saxophone and trumpet around New England and in the Mississippi Delta.

Photo: Sharmadip Basu



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