The Karmic Scar

Cloudy vision mocks my sorrow/The hag that stares back at me/Or so He said, through all the time spells/I knew of Him. Poetry by Jayshree Misra Tripathi.

No, I am not ready

To cry. Just yet.

The winter winds that once teased

Now chill my bones, induce fright

So I wash and wash

These deadly sins away - poof -

Just foam and chemicals,

Yet insidiously the skin

Around my nails, wait, was it the decaying

Flesh, the odour of guilt,

In sudden metamorphic harmony - 

Bled into the scar I never admitted to?

Mirror, mirror on the wall – age has withered 

My corrupted soul,

No reflection to see clearly -

Cloudy vision mocks my sorrow.

The hag that stares back at me,

Or so He said, through all the time spells

I knew of Him.

I could laugh, not yet cry - 

At sudden death.


Of an afflicted karmdsayaic.


Jayshree Misra Tripathi has lived and taught across three continents, in diverse cultures. Her published works include: “The Sorrow of Unanswered Questions” (2001 International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Colombo, Sri Lanka); Dilemmas and Scattered Weaves: Musings in Narrative Verse, Flash Vignettes of Travels through the Diaspora” (2014 Quills Publishing); “Tales in Verse from India for Children Everywhere” Vols. 1&2 ( 2014 , Pothi ; Book Baby).

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