Talking Aloud

With long thick hair/waves of fulfilled desires/wishes in tangles of/a hundred beards/A living monument/Young with passion. Poetry by Sukrita Paul Kumar.

My Chinar,

Where is that pir?

Remember, how

in the white silence of the winters

our songs formed a rainbow

And the pir rose

from heaps of  pythons,

roots twisting and turning

around the great Grandfather Oak

– that great Sufi, the witness

with long thick hair

waves of fulfilled desires

wishes in tangles of

a hundred beards

A living monument

Young with passion

Old in wisdom

Observing you, my Chinar,

Year upon year,

your leafless arms

Stretching out to me

Through biting wafts

Of mountain breeze


there were then

Neither those fences

Nor borders

But horizons dancing

Beyond the sadness of valleys.


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