Legendary Tales: Mahasveta’s Why-Why Missive To Bijon


I don’t know exactly how to address you, and I don’t know whether it’s improper to write to you. As for myself, I care two hoots about propriety and “you-must-not-do-this” sort of attitude. This absolutely silly preface humiliates me because I hate to give explanations, and the beginning of my letter (if you choose to call this a letter), is very much like an explanation that the school girl gives to her teacher for some forbidden mischief she has done. Anyhow, I just want you to help me out of a labyrinth-like situation. My parents are trying their best to arrange the whole thing here. They want it to be here. Mother has gone to Rajshahi to consult the dear old gran and write to your people. I want it to be at Calcutta, and mother simply won’t listen to any of my onabashyok pakami (unnecessary smartness) as she calls it. My best friend won’t be able to come over here, and I want it to be there, that’s all. So, please stick to your point, and insist on “marriage at cal.’

You don’t think it’s silly of me, do you? I mean this sort of asking. I couldn’t very well write to Bimal Babu. That would have been very much embarrassing. And, for god’s sake don’t let this letter be an addition to ‘lexicon’ and ‘Princess.’ excuse my very bad English. A foreign tongue covers more embarrassment and is more convenient for formal uses. Hope a letter from your future bride won’t flabbergast you (wrong spelling?). How’s your highness?  



Isn’t my handwriting horrible?


*Khuku was Mahasveta Devi’s pet name.

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